SYMBA Project

A consortium of 9 partners with key expertise and a wide network of key external stakeholders, bringing together 5 EU countries (IT, ES, BE, NL, DE) aiming at revolutionising the EU economy a linear to a circular one contributing to deliver bio-based solutions with reduced environmental impacts on soil, water and air quality

What we do

Symbiosis for a Sustainable Future

Under the banner of "Securing Local Supply Chains via the Development of New Methods to Assess the Circularity and Symbiosis of the Bio-based Industrial Ecosystem," SYMBA aims to revolutionize industrial practices by promoting symbiotic relationships within bio-based ecosystems. Through innovative methodologies and cutting-edge technologies, the project strives to pave the way for zero-waste value chains, contributing to a more sustainable future for Europe.


AI-Driven Solutions for Circularity

At the core of SYMBA lies the development of a unique Industrial Symbiosis (IS) methodology specifically tailored to local and regional bio-based ecosystems.
This user-friendly, AI-driven database will act as a powerful tool for identifying and implementing innovative processes, fostering collaboration among stakeholders, and driving the transition towards circularity.
Our approach
SYMBA solution, aligned with the EU Bioeconomy Strategy, is based on a threefold approach:
  • Creation and validation of new IS methodology for the bio-based sector, starting from existing knowledge and lessons earned from SYMBA consortium partners.
  • Individuation of criteria to select regional hubs.
  • AI database including Monitoring tools, waste relation matrix, networking and cooperation with ongoing EU and local networks.

About us