Empowering Industrial Symbiosis: the role of ENCO in SYMBA

ENCO is an Italian Consulting firm established in 1987 and headquartered in Naples. The company engages in national and international R&D&I projects, acting as a catalyst for innovation in business, products, technology, and processes across various industries, such as raw materials, bioeconomy, industries, climate and environment, agro-food sector, and logistics. Given its experience as specialist of market analyses, business and exploitation plans, ENCO is the coordinator of SYMBA which represents for the company an additional opportunity to enrich its experience in the field of innovation and research.

SYMBA aims at innovating and upgrading the Industrial European sector through specialized and sustainable instruments and methodologies in order to respond to several necessities, to i) reduce the environmental impact of industrial waste, promote dynamic development of industries, ii) create zero waste value chains and iii) optimize local value chain. ENCO has always been committed to the Circular Economy, Sustainability, Environment, and Bioeconomy, through innovative proposals and projects that aim to introduce and implement such concepts more and more in the European scenario. In SYMBA, ENCO is responsible for the environmental and economic assessment of using SYMBA IS methodology. ENCO is also involved in the definition of waste relation maps suggesting potential users the way to reuse and valorise Secondary Raw Materials.

Moreover, ENCO is responsible for all the management and coordination tools and dissemination strategies to monitor project activities, ensure its outcomes and to target a precise stakeholder’s community, foster cooperation, expand the audience and raise awareness both at a national and European level. The firm has an extensive experience in crafting communication and dissemination strategies, targeting stakeholders, creating customized campaigns to enhance audience awareness about the project’s purpose, activities, and outcomes, selecting and organizing events, workshops, and meetings, and producing promotional and marketing materials.

If, from a business point of view, SYMBA represents for ENCO an additional opportunity to expand its network of collaborations, contacts and customers, from a community point of view, the project will bring significant benefits not only at European level, but also at national and regional one. This project, in fact, will promote new and innovative Industrial Symbiosis method to be replicated within EU according to the local/regional bio-based industrial ecosystem, thus contributing to the overall growth of the territory, ensuring more local supply chains; a better distribution of economic and social benefits among the stakeholders and an increase in the economic value of final products; allowing the sharing of knowledge and resources and stimulating a fertile environment for new initiatives and synergies.

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