SYMBA Project 1st Press release

SYMBA Project 1st Press release

The SYMBA project, a groundbreaking initiative dedicated to advancing circular economy principles within the bio-based industrial ecosystem, officially kicked off with a successful meeting in Naples, Italy. The event, hosted by ENCO, brought together key partners and stakeholders, marking a significant step towards fostering resource independence and enhancing EU competitiveness.

Symbiosis for a Sustainable Future

Under the banner of “Securing Local Supply Chains via the Development of New Methods to Assess the Circularity and Symbiosis of the Bio-based Industrial Ecosystem,” SYMBA aims to revolutionize industrial practices by promoting symbiotic relationships within bio-based ecosystems. Through innovative methodologies and cutting-edge technologies, the project strives to pave the way for zero-waste value chains, contributing to a more sustainable future for Europe.

AI-Driven Solutions for Circularity

At the core of SYMBA lies the development of a unique Industrial Symbiosis (IS) methodology specifically tailored to local and regional bio-based ecosystems. This user-friendly, AI-driven database will act as a powerful tool for identifying and implementing innovative processes, fostering collaboration among stakeholders, and driving the transition towards circularity.

A Consortium of Expertise

The SYMBA project is supported by a robust consortium comprising leading organizations such as Novamont, Climate-KIC, CIRCE, Centexbel, AIMPLAS, ICLEI Europe, Bio Base Europe Pilot Plant, and Cetaqua. ENCO takes the helm of the consortium. This diverse group brings together expertise from various sectors, creating a synergistic force to tackle the challenges of resource optimization and environmental sustainability. Their commitment to sustainable practices underscores the project’s dedication to achieving tangible results and fostering positive impacts on local and regional economies.

Stay Connected with SYMBA

As SYMBA embarks on its transformative journey, stakeholders are encouraged to follow the project’s progress on social media for updates and insights into the latest developments.
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